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Thiago Alves UFC conditioning circuit

(Image credit: Unknown)

Institute of Human Performance (IHP) founder Juan Carlos Santana is a giant in the strength training game, which is why so many top-class athletes have turned to him to get the killer-level fitness they need to smash their competition. Thiago Alves is a case in point. Since working with Santana he's added a shocking level of conditioning to his natural ability to bang harder than almost anyone else in the UFC's welterweight class.

Here's IHP's UK representative Joel Proskewitz (with a little help from respected BJJ black belt Leo Nagao) performing one of the workouts that's made Alves such a force in the MMA (16 wins, 6 losses).

His next fight is a rematch against Jon Fitch at UFC 117. If he can keep it standing, he's got a great chance of avenging his UFC Ultimate Fight Night 5 loss to the arch grappler. 

That would hopefully pave the way for a rematch with the current welterweight champion, George St.Pierre – head and shoulder's the division's best. Alves was dominated by the Canadian phenom in their first battle at UFC 100 and he's hungry to make amends for that loss too.

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