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Get Your Kids Moving With These Free Virtual Tennis Coaching Sessions For Families

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You don’t need access to a court or even a racket to improve your tennis this February. The LTA’s free virtual coaching session for families requires only 45 minutes of your time, a little space, and some kind of swingable item. A racket is obviously preferable, but a frying pan is a workable alternative, if a risky one.

The sessions are scheduled for every Saturday in February at 10am, and after the main 45-minute class there will be some extra time for one-on-one advice. The expert giving that advice is LTA coach of the year Matt Smith.

“The classes will include a host of fun tennis activities exploring technique, footwork, rallying, volleying and serving to improve your skills,” says Smith. “Anyone can take part, either on your own or with someone in your household, and the interactive challenges and games will help players get ready for when we can eventually return to court.”

Each session will have a different focus so by the end of the month you’ll have covered four key areas of gameplay: rallying, net play, serving and going for the win. You’re definitely going to need the killer instinct taught in that last session if you turn up to your local courts with a frying pan when they reopen.

All the Saturday sessions will be hosted on the LTA Facebook page (opens in new tab), and if you want even more free fitness content from the LTA, visit its TikTok page (opens in new tab) for a tennis-related HIIT workout with LTA coach Isla Smith on Friday 10th February at 6pm.

If you like the sound of the above but can’t make the sessions then it’s worth checking out these tennis games for kids as well as the LTA Tennis At Home hub (opens in new tab), which contains a variety of workouts and general advice on how to stay active and involved with the sport during lockdown. We also enlisted LTA coach Chris McLeod for a leg workout tennis players can do at home to make sure they stay in shape and ready to hit the ground running when they can get back on court.

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