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Burn more body fat

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Are you taking ALA? Read on to find out how this supplement can help your body burn more fat.

The problem
You’re doing all the right things in the gym and the kitchen, but some flab just refuses to go away.

The solution Start taking alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) to help burn away the belly. This is a type of essential fatty acid (‘essential’ meaning you need to consume it because it can’t be made in the body) that’s usually found in vegetable oils and seeds but is also available in supplement form.

The science In a study, 360 subjects were divided into three groups and given either 1,800mg, 1,600mg or zero ALA per day. After 20 weeks the group that was given the largest daily dose lost on average 2.5kg in bodyweight and saw a body fat decline of 2% more than the control subjects. Meanwhile the 1,200mg group lost an average of 1.5kg more and saw a 1% bigger fall in body fat than the control group, according to the study, which was published in the American Journal Of Medicine. Researchers found that high ALA doses increased the subjects’ metabolism to promote fat burning and weight loss.

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