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Healthy BLT: 10-minute meal

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The BLT makes a tasty midday meal but isn’t the most nutritionally advisable option for the hard-training sandwich connoisseur. Enter the 
MF-approved variation: by replacing iceberg lettuce with avocado you get a creamy hit of fibre and oleic acid, which help to fill you up and reduce hunger pangs, alongside monounsaturated fats that help to strengthen your heart. And, of course, by taking the open-face option you avoid excess calories from bread, 
so there’s no need to skimp on the bacon.


2 slices lean, smoked back bacon / 
1 slice wholemeal bread / ½ ripe 
avocado, sliced / 5 cherry tomatoes, halved / 1tsp unsalted butter / 
Ground pepper to taste

To make

To make

Grill the bacon under a medium heat for eight minutes or until crisp, turning halfway through.
Meanwhile, toast the bread.
Butter the toast, place the bacon on top and layer with the avocado and tomato. Season to taste and serve.

works as an antioxidant to improve digestion.
is rich in slow-release carbs to maintain your energy levels.
contains immunity-boosting vitamin C and heart-healthy vitamin B3.
is full of muscle-building protein and also contains choline, which improves brain function.

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