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Mixed berry, oat and yoghurt breakfast mousse

fat-fighting breakfast mousse, Men's Fitness UK
(Image credit: Unknown)

- 200g summer fruits (fresh or frozen)
- 200g natural live yoghurt
- 25g oats
To make
Whip the summer fruits (defrost if frozen) with the yoghurt and oats.

Why you should have it
Summer fruits are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and potassium, which will help convert the food you consume into energy. Oats are low-sugar, low-fat and low GI - all of which properties help your body to balance blood sugar spikes and minimise fat storage. Yoghurt contains probiotics, which can help balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut, aiding weight loss and boosting metabolism.

This mousse is part of an MF meal plan that cuts out all refined sugars. Check it out here (opens in new tab).