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Wheat-free pasta with pesto sauce, oil-rich fish and avocado salad

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Serves 1
Each serving contains 830 calories, 37g protein, 90g carbohydrate, 47g fat


125g wheat-free pasta
125g bag mixed leaves or watercress an avocado, chopped
15g sunflower seeds
15g pumpkin seeds
1tbsp pesto
85g can red salmon in brine
Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions. While it’s cooking, put the salad leaves into a bowl, add the avocado and sprinkle on the seeds. Serve plain or add a dressing of your choice (not included in calorie count).
When the pasta is ready, drain and transfer to a warmed serving dish. Add the pesto and mix with the pasta. Open the tin of fish, drain, remove any large bones and flake with a fork. Add to the dish and mix.
Recipe from nutritional therapist Amanda Geary of The Food and Mood Project ( (opens in new tab))

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