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10-minute meals: Muscle-building skewers

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Meat and seafood make for an excellent muscle-building combo, but you don’t need to cook an entire paella to reap the benefits. This classic Spanish dish boasts a monstrous 66g of protein to help you pack on size, and it only takes minutes to prepare. Serving it with edamame beans provides a bonus hit of filling fibre too.

Chorizo and scallop skewers


100g chorizo / 150g scallops / 70g edamame beans / 2tsp olive oil

To make

  • Split the oil evenly between two pans and heat them both over a medium heat.
  • Fry the chorizo in one pan and the scallops in the other for two to three minutes, turning to ensure they cook on both sides.
  • Skewer the chorizo and scallops and serve with the edamame beans.

Chorizo provides iron which generates energy

Scallops provide selenium which improves sleep

Edamame beans provide vitamin K which strengthens bones 

Calories: 788

Fat: 51g

Protein: 66g 

Carbs: 9g

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