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The Best Men’s Grooming Gifts And Gift Sets To Give For Christmas

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If you’re sniffing out grooming gifts, your nose has led you to the right place. We’ve compiled this list of absolute winners, from a couple of our favourite fragrances to the best beard trimmer that we’ve unleashed on our artfully crafted stubble. There’s a sponge too, which sounds underwhelming, but it’s not just any sponge. It’s a super-sponge.

Nivea Men

Travel Essentials


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You get two gifts in one here. The first is a set of excellent lotions and gels that will cover all your giftee’s shaving and showering needs when travelling. The second is the gift of them not having to buy those things themselves at an airport branch of Boots when they inevitably forget about liquid regulations until they’re in the security line.

Buy from Boots (opens in new tab) | £7.50

Erborian Charcoal Konjac


“Just” a sponge? Nooo no no. This is not just a sponge. This is a cleaning essential that harnesses ancient Asian botanical knowledge. It’s made from konjac, a plant that’s been used in Korea for facial cleansing for a really long time, as well as bamboo charcoal, which is famed for its mattifying benefits. Just a sponge? No. But just a tenner? Oh yes.

Buy from Erborian (opens in new tab) | £10

Noble Isle

Scots Pine Shampoo And Shower Gel


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Pick up one or both of these, wrap them up and hand them over confident you’ve just given your giftee the best shower of their life. They probably won’t believe you at first, they might even be underwhelmed, but after they lather up and are magically transported to the fresh pine forests of Scotland they’ll never doubt your gift-giving prowess again. And if you really want to drive the point home, there’s a conditioner (opens in new tab) you can get them next year.

Buy from Noble Isle (opens in new tab) | Shampoo £14 for 250ml, shower gel £21 for 250ml

Neal’s Yard

Frankincense & Mandarin Body Lotion


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There’s an obvious line here about giving someone frankincense at Christmas, and the combination of that powerful scent with mandarin essentially creates the perfect festive moisturiser. It’s not just for Christmas, though – this citrusy lotion smells so good the recipient will want to slather it on all year round.

Buy from Neal’s Yard (opens in new tab) | £21.50 for 200ml

King C Gillette

Beard Grooming Kit


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It’s been a big year or so for beards. Many people who would never have considered growing one under normal circumstances have let their facial hair grow wild and free during lockdowns, and a lot of those people are sticking with the beard even after restrictions have been lifted.

That means a lot of new beard owners who won’t have the first idea how to look after their facial follicles, so help them out by getting them this gift set from King C Gillette (yes, that Gillette – that’s the real name of the company founder). It contains a beard and face wash, a beard balm, and a beard comb, plus a smart-looking wash bag to keep it all in. That’s two presents in one – a well-kept beard and a tidy bathroom.

Buy from Gillette (opens in new tab) | £22.50

Malin + Goetz

Eucalyptus Deodorant


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So popular is this fresh and medicinally scented roll-on that, it’s claimed, it has a bit of a cult following. All we know is, it’ll become the charismatic leader of anybody’s post-workout cleansing routine.

Buy from Space NK (opens in new tab) | £19 for 73g


Winston Set


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Everything you need for a top-quality shave in one stylish gift set. The Winston package includes a razor handle, three blades, a travel blade cover and foaming shaving gel. If you want to up the ante, get the razor handle engraved with three letters. 

Buy on Harrys (opens in new tab) | £24

Malin + Goetz

Rum Body Lotion


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Did we expect a rum-scented lotion to be our favourite scent when we tried a ton of the best men’s moisturisers earlier this year? We did not. But this blockbuster fragrance of Malin + Goetz’s moisturiser has to be smelled to be believed. Trust us when we say the entire family will be wowed when your lucky giftee unwraps this bodacious body lotion and offers it around for a sniff.

Buy from Malin + Goetz (opens in new tab) | £30 for 250ml

Kent INF2

Shaving Brush


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Unless you’re really into your brushes, you probably haven’t heard of Kent Brushes, but rest assured these folks are all about brushes and any bristle-bearing item you pick up from them will make a luxurious gift. We’ve picked out the INF2 shaving brush, which uses super-soft synthetic bristles to provide the perfect lather without – *puts on sunglasses, looks to camera* – up-sett-ing any badgers at all.

Buy from Kent Brushes (opens in new tab) | £30




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Very nifty indeed. Those are the three words that best describe this hybrid shaver/trimmer. It’s an absolute whizz for styling stubble and trimming your beard, and if you want to go closer to the skin without irritating it, take off the stubble combs to use the blade for a tidy and itch-free shave.


Shaving Gift Set


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If there’s any reason to keep the great British postal service alive and well, it’s subscription services like Cornerstone – straight-to-your-door deliverer of genuinely fantastic and brilliantly engineered shaving supplies. And this is the kit to get your favourite hirsute person started.

Buy from Cornerstone (opens in new tab) | £35


Shave Collection


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This gift set is full of top-notch products that bring an air of luxury to each and every shave. It’s also a great choice for the environmentally conscious because the shaver, brush and shaving bowl are made from bamboo and the brand eschews plastic packaging where possible. Along with the bamboo hardware, the collection also contains a face scrub and a moisturiser.

Buy from Bulldog (opens in new tab) | £40

Triumph & Disaster

Road Less Travelled Kit


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Now this is a travel kit. In the hardy, water-resistant canvas bag you’ll find three little pucks of hair products (including T&D’s impressive Coltrane Clay), a face cloth and some really nice shampoo and conditioner. Next time your giftee goes on a trip, they’re going in style.

Buy from Triumph & Disaster (opens in new tab) | £45

Jimmy Choo Man Blue


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This woody fragrance is lifted by the fresh scent of bergamot but also packs a powerful black pepper punch.


Beard Trimmer 7


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It took months for our poor writer to grow, trim, regrow, trim again and so on and so on until he got through the best trimmers all the top brands sent to him. This one took the top spot, thanks to being a fine all-rounder with plenty of extras, including a detail trimmer head for fine-tuning and a mini foil shaver for extra-close cutting.

Buy from Braun (opens in new tab) | £79.99 | More of the best beard trimmers

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