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50 Best Muscle-Building Tips: Advanced Techniques And Lifestyle Changes

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Step up to  a new level

41. Go Deutsch

‘Try the advanced German body composition method,’ says Campbell. ‘Pick three exercises that hit the same muscle group, then do six of the first, 12 of the second and 25 of the third. Rest two minutes, then repeat. This’ll promote anabolic hormones and help you grow.’ 

42. Catch your breath

‘Breathe from your belly and brace your core as you lift,’ says Lovett. ‘It’ll strengthen your core, leading to improved strength – meaning more muscle gains. Incorrect breathing will result in poor posture and increased chance of injury.’

43. Change your timing

‘Vary your tempo to add to muscular recruitment,’ says Campbell. ‘A good scheme is 4110 – four seconds to lower, a one-second hold at the bottom, one second of contraction and zero hold at top. Try 2220, 2010 or 6010 for subsequent sets.’

44. Hit your grip

‘Get some FatGripz, handles that artificially thicken a bar, and put them on every dumbbell and barbell you use for your upper-body workouts,’ says Campbell. ‘The increased neural activation and motor unit recruitment will see your arms, shoulders, chest and back grow quickly.’

45. Up your reps

Ultra-high-rep training has been out of fashion, but it’s coming back. ‘Performed with intensity, high-rep training can unlock new growth thanks to total muscle fibre stimulation,’ says Gethin. Try one set of curls to near-failure with an empty barbell, aiming for 30 reps. 

46. Use tri-sets

Hitting three moves in one massive set will force your muscles to adapt. Campbell suggests a classic. ‘To hit your chest and shoulders, try a 75° dumbbell press for six reps, follow by a 45° press for ten reps, then a flat press for 15 reps. Take ten seconds’ rest between each exercise and two minutes between sets.’

47. Finish strong

‘At the end of a leg day put 40% of your max on the bar and do as many reps as you can, resting at the top if you need to,’ says Campbell. ‘Aim for 50. The recruitment and lactate build-up will have a huge growth effect.’

Change your life 

48. De-stress

Too much stress will send you into a catabolic state. ‘Make sure you totally relax for at least 30 minutes a night,’ says Campbell. ‘No phone, no gadgets – just a book or a chat.’ 

49. Hit the sack

Bedtime is prime time for recovery. ‘Make sure you’re sleeping for eight hours a night,’ says Campbell. ‘And turn off all your electronic devices before you hit the pillow.’ 

50. Eat more

‘You need to overfeed your muscles to let them grow,’ says Campbell. Consuming 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight every day is a good start… now turn to p103 for our 50 top nutrition tips.  

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