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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Active Dad

Here’s a hot tip when it comes to Father’s Day gifts: your dad almost certainly has all the wallets, whisky and novelty mugs he could ever want (FYI: he wants zero novelty mugs). So when Sunday 18th June rolls around, if your dad likes to walk, run or cycle, surprise him with a gift he’ll actually want and use.

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Chilly’s Water Bottle


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A well made water bottle is the gift that keeps on giving and you can be sure that every time Pops takes a sip from the Chilly’s bottle you gave him on Father’s Day, he’ll think of you fondly. These flasks keep drinks ice-cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, making them perfect for cooling down after a run or warming up on a long hike. £20, buy on (opens in new tab)

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LifeLine Professional

2-in-1 Multi-Tool


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Kit out the old man with all the tools required to fix any mid-ride snafus a cyclist might suffer, in a package that can be slipped into a saddle bag or a jersey pocket. If your dad is fond of big weekend rides, this should help ensure he never interrupts your Sunday with a request to pick him and his broken bike up from the middle of nowhere. £12.49, buy on (opens in new tab)

Trigger Bell

Even something as simple as a bike bell can make an excellent gift when it’s this well designed. The Trigger Bell’s position under the handlebars means it can be rung while braking, turning or changing gear. Never again will your father have to make the Sophie’s Choice between braking and a scolding bell ring when a pedestrian steps out in front of him. £9.99, buy on (opens in new tab)

Stance Crew Socks


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It’s mandatory that any list of presents for fathers includes at least one pair of socks, but you can be sure these are very special socks indeed. Stance’s socks are stylish and comfortable, and will be a huge hit with any dads who run. £15, buy on (opens in new tab)

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Tribesports Bibbits

Reasons to buy

Empty List


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The most stressful thing on the morning of any running event is attaching your race number to your T-shirt without spiking yourself on a safety pin. Be a thoughtful son and remove that hassle from your dad’s life forever by buying him these magnetic number holders. Yes, you are responsible for all future PBs and should expect to be thanked every time. £8, buy on (opens in new tab)

Performance Roller


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Give the gift of self-myofascial release this Father’s Day, and tell your dad you’ve basically bought him unlimited sports massages for the rest of his life. You’re welcome, Dad – we’re square on that loan now, right? £19.99, buy on (opens in new tab)

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