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MF tests AudioFuel

Lucy Miller
(Image credit: Unknown)

Over the last month I've had to alter my running (opens in new tab) routine thanks to a dodgy leg, which forced me to drop my normal hour-long runs. And when I got the go-ahead to start doing them again, I struggled with my fitness and technique.  I decided to look for help, which is when I discovered AudioFuel (opens in new tab). It's a running-specific music website which claims to offer performance-enhancing downloadable songs that match your pace to a beat and include in-track coaching. So last Tuesday I headed off for a run armed with my new tunes.

The housey first track had a steady beat which was easy plod to along to. There were times when the slight increase in track tempo felt too much, but the voice coaching that accompanied them reminded me to stick with the beat and ignore the background sounds. This voice proved more encouraging than annoying, helping me to remember my breathing and drive my legs especially during the sprinting phases. After the run I felt like my running has started to get back on track, and AudioFuel (opens in new tab) has certainly contributed to that. I miss Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon on Capital FM but since they don't really understand intervals, I'm going to save them for my morning commute.
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