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Team Men's Fitness wins the Namibia Desert Ultra

Team Men's Fitness
(Image credit: Unknown)

Until Saturday none of Team Men's Fitness (opens in new tab) had even entered an ultra-endurance race, so finishing the punishing 120km Namibia Ultra Desert Marathon would have been a feat in itself. But that wasn't enough for team captain Darren Roberts (opens in new tab). He only went and won the bloody thing, powering across the scorching course in an unbelievable 20hr 28min, one minute ahead of his nearest rival Tom Adams.
Nick Tidball finished in a highly creditable sixth place with a time of 23hr 17min. Unfortunately heat stroke forced Steve Tidball to retire 90 minutes into the first of the three marathon-length legs the race comprises. But, being the trooper he is, he waited until the sun went down and ran the last two legs anyway.
The guys are currently enjoying a well earned rest out of the sun, but they'll be blogging about their experience later this week.
Huge congratulations to the team for this tremendous result.

Thanks to Berghaus (opens in new tab) for supporting Team Men's Fitness.

Go to the Adventure Racing website (opens in new tab) for more information about the Namibia Desert Ultra Race.

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