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Edge of Tomorrow workout

(Image credit: Unknown)

Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise as Major Bill Cage, a Special Forces soldier trying to save the world from an alien invasion, wearing a metal exoskeleton that weighs 20kg. Watch the exclusive video below to see the Cruiser in action.

Want to prepare for alien war yourself? You might struggle to get your hands on an exoskeleton, but donning one of Raptor’s (opens in new tab) customisable weight vests and trying the workout below - provided by Rich Phillipps of Embody Fitness (opens in new tab) - will help you replicate the experience and build alien-bashing strength and endurance.

‘Perform these moves back to back in a circuit,’ says Phillipps, ‘then rest for two to three minutes and repeat. Aim to complete five circuits. If it isn’t tough enough, add more weight to the vest.’

Pull-up: 8-10 reps

Dip: 10-12 reps

Burpee: 15 reps

Press-up: 15-20 reps

Walking lunge: 16 each side

Edge Of Tomorrow is in cinemas from 30th May

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