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Beast workout day 4: lower-body

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Above you'll find a chest-pumping video guide to the tabata intervals you'll be doing on day four. But before you get stuck into them, you're gonna do some pretty serious deadlifting. This classic compound move is an MF fav – it works everything from your glutes and hamstrings to your grip. It’ll also provoke a huge hormone response because of the sheer amount of weight you can lift.
‘If your lower back becomes rounded as you deadlift, then the weight is too heavy or the lower back itself is too weak to maintain a proper neutral spine,’ says strength and conditioning coach Zach Even-Esh. ‘If the regular version is beating you up too much then you could switch over to the trap bar deadlift or Zercher squats, which aren’t so tough on the lower back.'
'Bear in mind that the deadlift doesn’t need to be attacked in the same way as the other movements for you to get results. Make sure you do a couple of quality sets of three to six reps, but leave something in the tank – you don’t need to cripple yourself to get the benefit.' If you want more deadlift pointers, check out our guide to deadlifts.

How to do the workout

If you’re already fairly decent at deadlifts, aim to do between three andfive warm-up sets, and then do three serious sets (or ‘work sets’) witha weight that’ll challenge you even for a low number of reps. ‘Lifters with less experience should do a lot more volume to put muscleon, so I’d aim for lighter weights and higher reps. It’s like a carengine – you need to make the engine bigger before you can soup it up,because if the engine’s small you can’t really do anything,’ says Even-Esh.

Once you've done the deadlifts, get stuck into the tabata intervals. High-intensity aerobic training, such as this, can improve both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. ‘If I’m training other people, I’ll use Tabata intervals a lot,’ says Even-Esh. 'Do 20 seconds of a single exercise and ten seconds of rest, repeated eight times. This will take just 16 minutes but leave you fried.’

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