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Beast workout day 1: upper-body

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Above you'll see a beastly video of the moves in the barbell complex. Before you do the complex, however, you need to bench press as if your life depended on it.
The reason? The bench press is a classic muscle builder that works much more than just your chest. If it’s done properly, you’ll work everything from your legs (which provide a stable base) to your neck (which you’ll use as you press your head back into the bench). 
Strength and conditioning coach Zach Even-Esh offers these tips for safe bench pressing: ‘If you’re not in control of the weight or you’re bouncing it off your chest, it’s too heavy. Another common mistake is that a lot of people tend to lower the bar too high up their body, towards their collarbone. That’ll lead to shoulder injuries later on, because it flares your elbows out and strains the rotator cuff.’ If you want more pointers on how to bench press properly, have a look at our guide to benching.

How to do the workout

If you’re already fairly decent at bench presses, aim to do between three andfive warm-up sets, and then do three serious sets (or ‘work sets’) witha weight that’ll challenge you even for a low number of reps. ‘Lifters with less experience should do a lot more volume to put muscleon, so I’d aim for lighter weights and higher reps. It’s like a carengine – you need to make the engine bigger before you can soup it up,because if the engine’s small you can’t really do anything,’ says Even-Esh.

Once you've done the bench it's time to move onto the barbell complex. ‘This is one I use a lot,’ says Even-Esh. ‘It’ll kill your forearms and get you breathing hard. Start light – this is designed to test your cardio, and even doing it with an empty bar might be tough. Do three sets of six reps of each move. Rest for 60 seconds between rounds.

Next up: Beast workout day 2: lower-body  

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