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Gym equipment
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1. Magellan Crossover GPS, £279

Best for… all-round adventurers

This can be used in a car, on water or for off-road adventures. The colour touch screen displays your altitude, distance covered and your estimated time of arrival.

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2. Lowrance iFinder GO2, £99.95

Best for… value

Despite the low price, the iFinder is easy to use and quick to pick up a signal. It’s not the most stylishly designed bit of kit and it’s light on features, but you can store 100 routes with up to 10,000 points on any trail.
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3. Satmap Active 10, £299

Best for… technophobes

This device comes ready to use and the eight-way joystick allows you to explore maps easily. The 3.5-inch colour screen displays your speed and distance as well as the route ahead.

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4. Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, £279.99

Best for… reception

If you’re going into dense tree cover or a canyon, take this compact gizmo. The high-sensitivity receiver means that you won’t lose connection when you need it most.
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5. Nokia N95, £495

Best for… style

If you don’t fancy carrying an extra device around, use this mobile with built-in GPS mapping technology and voice navigation. Listen to the MP3 player on your way and use the 5-megapixel camera to snap your destination when you get there.
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