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The latest power football boots

These boots were put through their paces by MF's resident boot tester and Blackpool F.C. striker Ben Burgess.

Adidas Predator X


(Image credit: Unknown)


This boot may bear the same name and colour scheme as its predecessor but that’s where the visual similarities end. You may love or loathe the new look but one thing that can’t be questioned is its performance. The Predator is durable, protective and offers unparalleled ball control. No wonder it continues to be the ‘go to’ boot for hardworking midfielders.

RRP: £134.99

Nike CTR360 Maestri


(Image credit: Unknown)

This classy cleat has been lighting up the Premier League since it arrived on the scene this season. As well as a glorious colour scheme that balances boldness and elegance with aplomb, the Maestri has some impressive tech features, such as external dampening pods that provide more controlled contact with the ball and a super hard instep to give your passes extra zip. 

RRP: £119.99

Puma V-Konstrukt III


(Image credit: Unknown)

Short of strapping some armour-plating to a pair of steel toecaps, you won’t get more protection from a football boot. Designed for hard tackling centre-halves in the mould of Nemanja Vidic, the Konstrukt III delivers plenty of protection and power, though all too often this comes at the cost of both touch and accuracy.

RRP: £99.99

Under Armour Dominate Pro


(Image credit: Unknown)

The amount of advanced tech they've packed into this boot, such as a modular protection zone to safeguard your delicate metatarsals and a contact insole to reduce stud pressure, looks impressive on paper. But while the boot is reasonably solid and comfortable, it doesn't offer as much ball control or power as the others here.

RRP: £129.99

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