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MF reviews synthetic turf boots

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Adidas Predator Absolado TRX TF - £45

Super-lightweight and flexible, this latest Predator excels in every department. The multi-angled outsole grip ensure you’ll never lose your footing and the laces run toward the outside of the shoe rather than down the middle of the leather upper, cleverly providing a bigger instep area. For the more refined player, this allows for closer control; for the glory hunter, more precision and venom in every shot.
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Nike5 Bomba Finale - £75

This firm-gripping, streamlined boot is ideal for a variety of artificial surfaces including traditional sand-based astro turf and more modern 3G pitches. A thin, smooth upper offers excellent touch and helps to improve shooting accuracy, while rubber padding on the instep makes it easier to bring the ball under control in tight situations.
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Puma Football Shoe King Allround TT - £75

The classic Puma King offers a more traditional alternativeto the current trend of slight boots. It’s made of fine leather for a start and, perhaps with the more experienced footballer in mind, comes with extra padding and a shock-absorbing sole to protect your joints. As a result this boot feels oversized and bulky up against the fleet-footed newcomers, making it harder to turn sharply or dribble confidently.
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