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Try The Five-Minute Hollow Victory Abs Workout

hollow plank
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Abs finishers are notoriously hard for trainers to put together. Some are too easy, some are way too hard, and it’s tricky to tread the fine line between progress and pain.

To find the perfect abs challenge, we spoke to 1Rebel (opens in new tab) coach Augusta Woods, who is an expert at programming mean finishers that land smack bang in the Goldilocks zone.

“It’s called Hollow Victory,” says Woods, “because by the end you’ve definitely achieved something, but it will leave you feeling it. Plus, there’s a tonne of hollow holds.

“You work straight through for five minutes: 30 seconds of a static hold, then 30 seconds of a high-intensity exercise that will target your core. All the exercises will test your core, but returning to the hollow hold each time demands willpower and focus – you have to pay strict attention to form when your body is starting to fatigue.”

“If 30 seconds sounds too intense to begin with, then try going down to 20 seconds or even ten seconds for every exercise,” says Woods. “You will know after the first attempt where you’re at, then remember that level and try to build upon it the next time. You can also mix and match different exercises – the key is keeping the hollow holds as your base.”

Hollow Victory Workout

1 Hollow hold

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Lie on your back with your legs together and extended, with your arms extended behind your head and your lower back pressed into the floor. Raise your legs and arms about 15cm off the ground and lift your shoulders as well. Keep your core engaged and lower back pressed into the floor throughout the hold.


Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Lie on your front, then raise your body supporting yourself on your forearms and the balls of your feet. Engage your core and glutes to align your body in a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

3 Hollow hold

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Mountain climbers

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Lie on your front, then raise your body supporting yourself on your hands and the balls of your feet, with arms extended and hands under your shoulders. Drive one knee at a time to your chest, keeping your back straight. Continue at pace.

5 Hollow hold

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

6 Toe touch

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Lie on your back, extend your legs and point your toes at the ceiling. Slowly raising your back off the floor, reach up with both arms to try to touch your toes, then return your back to the floor.

7 Hollow hold

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Walking plank

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Adopt the plank position. Then, keeping your core tight and your hips in line with your shoulders and ankles, push up to the high plank position one hand at a time, finishing with your arms extended and hands underneath your shoulders. The slower you complete this move the better. Alternate your leading hand.

9 Hollow hold

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

10 Bicycle crunch

Time 30sec Rest 0sec

Lie on your back with your hands touching the sides of your head, elbows pointing sideways. Raise both legs off the ground and then slowly bring one knee up towards your chest, and the opposite elbow towards the knee. Alternate sides.

Jake was formely an intern for Coach and now contributes workouts from some of London’s top trainers. As well as training in the gym and running, he’s competed in the eight-hours-long overnight event Europe's Toughest Mudder twice and the 24-hours-long World's Toughest Mudder once.