Men's Fitness Friday Challenge 04/02/11


The Friday Challenge is 50-weeks-old and to celebrate we've created a tough timed plyometric test for you to do.

Nick Hutchings
4 Feb 2011


Three exercises, 360 maximum-intensity reps as fast as you can – that's what you have to do this week. Here's how it works:

Do four rounds of the following moves as fast as you can...
- 30 two-point boxes (you normally pause for two seconds at full stretch but for the sake of speed, just get to full stretch then immediately bring your limbs back in. Alternate sides after each rep)
- 30 hill climbers
- 30 bunny hops

Don't forget to record how long it took you to complete because we want you to post your time in the comment box that appears at the bottom of this article. Feel free to use the comment boxes to tell us what you think about this Men's Fitness Friday Challenge and suggest challenges of your own.
If you want to see a step-by-step guide to the challenge (with pictures) and get form pointers, click here.
This Men's Fitness Friday Challenge was shot at London personal training studio Club 51.

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