Men's Fitness Friday Challenge 02/04/10


Get ready to rock your body with the sixth Men's Fitness Friday Challenge.

1 Apr 2010

It's Men's Fitness Friday Challenge time again. This one, our sixth installment, is another straight fitness massacre that'll leave you in bits. If it doesn't, you're not going hard enough. Here's how Skip, Squat, Run works:

Do three rounds of the following moves in the fastest time possible:
-    Skip (50 turns)
-    30 prisoner squats
-    400m run

You'll need to warm up before you get started so try this Men's Fitness Friday Challenge warm-up we've devised.

Don't forget to record how long it took you to complete the rounds because wewant you to post your time in the comment box that appears at the bottom ofthis article.
Oh, and feel free to use the comment boxes to tell us what you think about this Men's Fitness Friday Challenge and suggest challenges of your own.

If you want to see a step-by-step guide to the challenge (with pictures) and get form pointers, click here. Good luck with this Men's Fitness Friday Challenge and be sure to check back next Friday for the seventh one!

This Men's Fitness Friday Challenge was shot at London personal training studio Club 51.

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