How many calories are there in a curry?


A curry can be healthy, you just have to pick the right one.

11 May 2010

'Limit the damage by going for tandoori chicken with plain boiled rice and plenty of veg,' says nutritionist Fiona Kirk. 'The chicken is baked in a clay oven with plenty of herbs and spices. Pilau rice might be tasty but it's usually fried, so it's much higher in saturated fat, and veg will fill you up without filling you out. Naan breads can also whack you with 500 calories, the equivalent of nearly two plates of rice.'
Send it back: Korma with naan
Don't even think about a korma - it is made with fried meats, creams and ghee, a clarified butter that's a mind-blowing 99.9 per cent fat. The naan bread is brushed with fat-laden butter and full of salt and sugar, which will leave you feeling bloated yet hungry again within a matter of hours.
870  Saturated fat: 13g
Order it: Tandoori chicken
Chicken is a great low-fat source of protein, and the tandoori style of cooking doesn't affect this much - it simply dry roasts the meat without using any extra oil. The chicken can be marinated in yoghurt, which is good for the gut, and health-boosting spices such as chilli and turmeric.
Calories: 300  Saturated fat: 4g

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