The Healthiest Thing You Can Order at the Kebab Shop


If you're peckish after a night of booze, spare your body more damage by ordering the healthiest kebab shop option

Coach Staff
5 Oct 2015

'Steer clear of the rotating elephant leg. It is painted with sugar and packed with cheap, fatty meat,' says nutritionist Fiona Kirk. 'A chicken shish kebab is a far better option. It's made of chunks of chicken cooked over coals, stuffed in a pitta with plenty of vitamin-rich salad. As with most fast food, the choice of dressing can turn a relatively healthy dish into a disaster, so swap mayo for tzatziki and steer clear of the pre-bottled barbecue and chilli sauces, which contain loads of refined sugar. If they make their own chilli sauce, go wild: the capsaicin will help boost your metabolism.'
Send it back: Large doner

According to Hampshire County Council Scientific Service, the average doner contains the equivalent of a wine glass full of cooking fat. Mmmmm.
Calories: 315  Saturated fat: 12.8g

Order it: Chicken shish kebab

Grilled chicken is high in protein and iron, but low in fat. Go for plenty of salad, with cancer-fighting tomatoes and bone-building onions.
Calories: 155  Saturated fat: 1.7g

The healthiest thing you can order at Pizza Express

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