How many calories are there in a Big Mac?


We can't stop you eating at McDonald's but we can help you pick the healthier options on the menu.

11 May 2010

'McDonald's scares me,' says nutritionist Fiona Kirk. 'Their buns are full of sugar, their chicken burgers are fried in oil and their low-fat salads are high in salt. Even the drinks are unhealthy - a milkshake has a hefty 10.1g of fat and 20g of sugar. Drink milk instead, which has no saturated fat and will provide you with a healthy hit of calcium.'
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On its own it packs in 492 calories, 9g of saturated fat and 2g of salt. For a small extra cost you can add fries and a fizzy drink or milkshake, but the cost is much higher in heart-damaging salt and fat-promoting sugar.
Calories: 492  Saturated fat: 9g
Order it: Toasted deli chicken salad
This is low in fat with a good balance of protein (from the chicken), carbohydrates (from the roll), fat (from the mayo) and fresh salad. To make it even healthier ask for a low-GI brown roll, which will feed your body with a steady supply of energy.
Calories: 359  Saturated fat: 1g

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