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Our range of Men's Fitness Magbooks will help you get into shape

Men’s Fitness isn’t just the name of Britain's best fitness lifestyle magazine and website – we do a range of fitness-enhancing magbooks, too.

Here's a question for you: is it possible to get a lean, muscular body in less than three months? Yes, if you buy and follow the 12-week training and nutrition plan in the Men's Fitness Body Challenge magbook.
If getting a six-pack is your main fitness focus, our Complete Guide to Abs is the book for you. It uncovers the secrets to sculpting a strong, defined midsection through straightforward workouts with expert training and nutrition advice.
With loads of exercises for every major muscle, a comprehensive home gym equipment buying guide, healthy recipe ideas and fat-burning tips, our Home Workout Guide is perfect for any man looking to build a ripped body in the comfort of his own home.
The Men’s Fitness Ultimate Workout Plan is a step-by-step guide to gaining a lean, powerful body. It's full of easy-to-follow workouts, meal plans, training guides and injury prevention tips to help you get results fast.
Our Running, Cycling and Swimming book is the must-have guide for anyone who wants to improve their general cardio fitness or train for a triathlon.
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Men's Fitness Body Challenge
Complete Guide to Abs
Home Workout Guide
Ultimate Workout Plan
Running, Cycling and Swimming