Men's Fitness Magazine UK August 2011

Men's Fitness Magazine UK August 2011 | Men's Fitness UK

Here's what's in the August 2011 issue of Men's Fitness.

Whether you’re fleeing the country in search of sun or relying on Britain’s increasingly erratic weather this summer, chances are you’ll be venturing outdoors shirtless at some point in the next couple of months. And whether you’re just wanting to put the final tweaks to a physique you’ve been sculpting since Christmas or you’ve just looked at the calendar, realised in a panic that it’s July and need some last-minute muscle-boosting know-how, Men's Fitness has you covered.
FREE with the mag is our three-week Beach Body plan, a nine-workout supplement designed to get you sand-primed in record time. Once you’re in the swing of things, use our hotel room workout to minimise the damage from poolside margaritas and all-you-can-eat buffets. And if you’re planning on venturing further afield, we’ve probed the minds of some of the world’s top adventurers for their travelling tips and tricks – if you don’t routinely pack a postcard of the queen and a reel of dental floss in your hand-luggage, now’s the time to start.
Elsewhere in the issue we’ve got our usual blend of white-hot expert opinion and tried-and-tested tips. Charles Poliquin gives your brain a workout, Tim Don tackles race performance, and table-tennis wunderkind Matthew Syed explains why you can do anything you put your mid to.
And if all that training’s getting to be a bit too much, we’ve put together the ultimate in recovery routines, getting expert advice on everything from stretching to freezing cold showers in a bid to make your workouts as productive as possible. If you want it dropped through your letterbox every month, subscribe to Men's Fitness. Or if you’re in a sun-drenched town with no newsagents and want to keep up with the latest fitness developments, download an electronic versions of the mag here.