Men’s Fitness Magazine UK January 2012

Men’s Fitness Magazine UK January 2012 | Men's Fitness UK

Here’s what’s in the January 2012 issue of Men’s Fitness.

Exciting news! The January issue is our body special. In it you'll find all the tips, tricks and techniques to get the body you’ve always wanted.
But how do we know what you want? Because you've told us. That's right, the much-anticipated results of the MF Survey are in. Find out which male celebrities most men want to look like and women are most attracted to and then how to get a body just like one of them by following the workout Hugh Jackman used to get  into, errr, steel-like shape for new robo-action flick Reel Steel.
Turning our attention to nutrition, we've tracked down where our food really comes from and examined why knowing that is so important. We’re so thorough we even snuck into a McDonald’s farm for research puposes. No, we didn't see any Big Macs walking around on tiny chicken legs. 
We've also included some brilliant cooking tips from French kitchen maestro Jean-Christophe Novelli, one MF writer's account of a day of cat snowboarding in Colorado's avalanche prone backcountry and uncovered what happens when you ask Brazillian BJJ master Roger Gracie to demonstrate some moves on you. Ouch.
Speaking of Brazil, we also chatted to legendary footballer Pelé on his 71st birthday. It took a big cake to fit that many candles and in between mouthfuls he gave us his thoughts on Rooney and why English football is the best.
For all this and much more, pick up our body issue at your local newsagents. Alternatively you can subscribe to the magazine here and download the latest digital version of the mag from Newsstand.