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Men's Fitness January 2013 | Men's Fitness UK

Here’s what’s in the January 2013 issue of Men’s Fitness

Winter is here. The days are shorter and the temperature has dropped.
For defeatists that means scarves, woolly hats and staying indoors as much as possible – but for you thrill-seekers it's time to head to the mountains for some serious adventures.

Before you go, read our latest issue to get some ideas of the killer activities – splitboarding, snow mountain biking and freestyle skiing – you can have a crack at while hanging out in the white stuff.
Our January issue is also our 150th. But rather than donning novelty hats and swigging champagne, we’ve sourced 150 innovative fitness tips and have even come up with a muscle-building, fat-torching 150-rep challenge to celebrate the occasion. That's how we party at MF Towers.
We’ve also spent time with FC Barcelona and Argentina soccer sensation Lionel Messi. He makes the game look easy but, as we found out, his road to stardom has been anything but. Find out how he reached the top.
Elsewhere MF’s resident deadlift enthusiast/features editor Joel Snape got his hands on a V-reg Vauxhall Astra – not to test out its cornering ability, but to see if he could lift it at an amateur-level strongman contest.
We’ve also developed an apocalypse fitness programme, just in case the Mayan prophesy of Doomsday occurs on 21st December 2012 or there's a zombie uprising.

There's a fair amount to get your teeth into there, but we're not done yet – we've also got interviews with tennis world number one Novak Djokovic and NBA superstar LeBron James – plus we've uncovered the gladiatorial training secrets of Spartacus actor Manu Bennett.

For all this, plus ways to boost your partner’s libido and a spicy, muscle-boosting twist on the Christmas turkey, pick up our latest issue in your local newsagent or supermarket. Alternatively, subscribe here, or download here