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Here’s what’s in the December 2012 issue of Men’s Fitness.

Arnie’s back, James Bond returns and it’s judgement day for Dredd in our action movie muscle special.
Arnold Schwarzenegger – older and beardier, but as tough as ever – is returning to his roots in action films. We caught up with the bodybuilding icon to find out why he thinks we should all include Boris biking in our fitness routine. Really.
Further action hero body secrets are gleaned from Tom Hardy, Jason Statham and Dredd’s Karl Urban and with Skyfall’s imminent release we’ll teach you how to fight, drink, seduce and even smell like 007.
If you can tear your eyes away from the stars of the big screen you’ll also learn from the king of sprinting, Usain Bolt. We find out whether born talent, chicken nuggets or hard work have been most instrumental in making him an Olympic legend.
We also bring you wisdom from top boxing coach Enzo Calzaghe, world champion Carl Froch and Team Sky’s head coach Shane Sutton, who knows a thing or two about elite cycling success. If you want to put Sutton’s tips into action we’ve reviewed the best road bikes around and taken on the challenge of a stage of the 2012 Tour of Britain so you can learn how to condition your body for a 200km cycle.
Elsewhere we provide a comprehensive supplement guide to the pills, powders and potions that will help you get stronger, leaner and more ripped.
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