Josh Koscheck's GSP-beating workout?

Josh Koscheck shows you a workout that might help him beat GSP at UFC 124 and talks about Paul Daley, being a heel and reality TV.

MMA kettlebell conditioning circuit

Nick Hutchings
7 Dec 2010
Kettlebell swing, step 1
  • Hold a kettlebell between your legs.
Kettlebell swing, step 2
  • Explosively extend your hips to swing it up to eye level.

Shoulder-to-shoulder press, step 1
  • Hold the kettlebell over one shoulder.
Shoulder-to-shoulder press, step 2
  • Press it straight overhead.
Shoulder-to-shoulder press, step 3
  • Lower it to the opposite shoulder.
Single-arm bent over row, step 1
  • Hold the kettlebell in one hand and stagger your stance so one leg is in front of the other.
  • Keeping your lower back in its natural arch, bend at the hips and lower your torso so it’s nearly parallel to the floor.
Single-arm bent over row, step 2
  • Row the weight to your side.
  • Do 25 seconds on each side.
Lunge with rotation
  • Hold the kettlebell under your chin as if your hands were up to protect 
you in a boxing stance.
  • Step forward and lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the floor and your rear knee nearly touches the floor.
  • Twist your torso in the direction of your front leg as far as you can.
  • Alternate legs for 25 seconds.
Core rotation, step 1
  • Adopt a wide stance.
  • Hold your palms together in front of your chest and rotate side to side about 
45 degrees, as fast as possible.
Core rotation, step 2
  • Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders and your lower body braced — the movement occurs only at the trunk.
Reverse lunge with knee strike, step 1

Step back into a lunge position with 
your hands up to protect your face.

Reverse lunge with knee strike, step 2
  • Reverse the motion, raising the lunging leg into the air for a knee strike.
  • Drive your knee up high, point your toe down, and pull your arms to that knee’s side as if you were 
driving a knee to an opponent’s head.
  • Do 25 seconds on each leg.

Fighter press-up, step 1
  • Start in the bottom phase of a press-up.
Fighter press-up, step 2
  • Press up, twist to your left side and raise your right knee to meet your left elbow. On the next rep, raise your left knee to your right elbow.

Burpee to boxer guard, step 1
  • Drop into a press-up position.
Burpee to boxer guard, step 2
  • Explode up and put your hands up by your chin.
  • Move as quickly as possible through each rep.

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