Dan Hardy UFC hip and glute strength


Dan Hardy's hip and glute moves will get your biggest muscles firing on all cylinders.

16 Apr 2010

It's tempting to think that for jaw-cracking punch power you just need to hit the bench press, but UFC welterweight Dan Hardy knows that real power comes from below. That’s why he uses moves such as the Smith machine jump squat to measure how much his explosiveness is improving.

‘Our Smith’s got a GymAware system that gives us a velocity reading on how fast the bar moves,’ explains Hardy’s strength and conditioning coach Ollie Richardson. ‘I’ll load it to the point where Dan can’t explode at his usual speed. If you haven’t got this black box, just move the bar as fast as possible – that will activate your high threshold motor units. The right load will be 20-30 per cent of your one-rep max in the back squat.’
To work his posterior chain – hamstrings, calves and glutes – Hardy uses a variation of the sled drag. ‘It eliminates the eccentric phase, which can lead to muscle soreness,’ says Richardson.

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