Paul Daley UFC total-body circuit video


British UFC welterweight Paul Daley takes you through a circuit that builds strength and explosive power.

9 Dec 2009

In his first fight in the UFC (103, Sept 2009) Paul 'Semtex' Daley TKOed title contender Martin Kampmann. It sent shockwaves through the American MMA scene, where – up until that point – Daley was a relative unknown.

But anyone who knew anything about his past wouldn't have been surprised – for the last few years he's made a habit of smashing the shit out of all manner of tough guys in smaller promotions.

His next fight is against Carlos Condit at UFC 108 in January 2010. MMA website Sherdog currently ranks Condit as tenth best welterweight in the world, but probably won't be after he's eaten a few of Daley's bombs.

One Daley-inspired workout should comprise two circuits of the below moves and reps. Take a 60-90 second break between each circuit. Do the workout in place of one of your normal weekly gym sessions.

Renegade row - 10 (5 each side)
Divebomb press-up - 10
Squat to hop - 3 x (5 squats, 3 hops, swapping sides each set)
Explosive bridge - 10
Turkish get-up - 8 each side
Wrestler's sit-out - 5 each side
Ground'n'Pound combo - 2 (4 punches, jump over the bag, 4 punches, 4 punches on the pads)

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