Phillips Idowu triple jump workout


Here's one of the workouts Phillips Idowu has used to become world and European triple jump champion.

Phillips Idowu workout, Men's Fitness
30 Jul 2010
Jon Lipsey

Every time his feet hit the runway during the hop, step and jump phases of the triple jump, world and European champion Phillips Idowu has to absorb up to 12 times his own bodyweight. He then has to propel himself up and forwards as far as he can. His world-class performances require rock-solid core strength and a spring-like ability to generate explosive power. ‘In the triple jump you hit the runway at speed and take off on one leg, so you have to cope with a lot of force,’ says Europe's top triple jumper. ‘If your back muscles aren’t strong enough to hold your spine in place you’ll pick up a lot of injuries.’
That’s why so much of Phillips Idowu’s training is focused on building a strong core. ‘I’ve stopped doing anything involving extreme rotations because they give me back problems. Now I do a lot more stability work and spend time strengthening the small stabilising muscles. This also helps to improve my running efficiency – you’ll rotate your hips less and you’ll rock less as you move. You’ll also have more mobility, so these workouts are useful even if you’re not going to do the triple jump’.
Once he has created a solid base, Idowu adds moves that give him the ability to generate distance in each of the three phases. ‘A lot of my training is based on building explosive power and speed off the ground,’ he says.
You'll find his workout on the right.
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