Amir Khan's conditioning workout


Get in championship shape with Amir Khan’s explosive circuit training.

Joel Snape
31 Aug 2011

Boxing champ Amir Khan uses intensive circuits of ballistic, isometric and plyometrics to simultaneously strip fat, sculpt lean muscle and build explosive speed and power. Mimic his training by doing each of these exercises for 30 second bursts, then moving straight to the next move. After finishing the circuit, rest for one minute, then repeat the whole thing another two times.

Medicine ball throws
Sit in a V-shape with your legs in the air, your feet crossed and your shoulders off the mat. Hold a medicine ball in front of your sternum, pull it to the right until it's just above the floor, then to the left before throwing the ball to your partner. Catch the ball as it’s thrown back and repeat.
Explosive squat
Holding a weight plate against your chest – Khan uses 20kg – squat down, then as you stand up, accelerate the plate explosively above your head, bring it back down to your chest and repeat.

Plyometric depth jumps
With two boxes set at different heights, jump up onto the lower one, then jump down and explosively bound up onto the higher one. Jump down and repeat.
Farmers walk
Holding heavy dumbbells in each hand, walk up and down a ten-metre line.

With your feet on a swiss ball and your hands holding a wobble board or Bosu on the floor, hold the position with your back straight.
Bag bursts
Throw shots at a bag at a steady tempo. Aim to use the power of your hips rather than just throwing arm punches.

If you want another combat conditioning workout, try this one used by UFC fighter John Hathaway.

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