Fat-burning kettlebell workout


Use a kettlebell to give your body a thorough fat-burning workout and gain some serious strength.

3 Feb 2010

How it works
After each exercise in this circuit you perform a set of kettlebell swings, which work your whole body, teach you to move explosively and burn lots of calories.
Although a kettlebell may be equivalent in weight to a dumb-bell, its centre of gravity sits 10-15cm away from the centre of your hand, which means your muscles have to deal with more momentum and your core has to work harder because the kettlebell pulls you in different directions.
Time per session
30 minutes
Calorie burn
You will need
Kettlebells from £19.99.
Warm up by jogging for five minutes. Before you start the circuit, do some bodyweight squats and press-ups to get the blood pumping oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. After each non-kettlebell move, do a set of kettlebell swings. Do not rest between exercises.
Once you have completed one circuit, rest for two minutes and start again.
Click on the links below to see each exercise.

Special move: Kettlebell swing
Exercise 1: Deep squat
Exercise 2: Rising press-up
Exercise 3: Lunges
Exercise 4: Sprint squat thrust
Exercise 5: Aquaman plank
Exercise 6: One-leg Romanian deadlift
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