Men's Fitness ViPR workout

The ViPR training tool combines the pugil stick with dumb-bells, working new muscles through multiple planes of movement.

Strength workout

This programme will build full-body strength and have a big carryover for sport,’ says Dalcourt. ‘That’s because it will teach you to lift and shift a load with strength. A lift is where you move a load against gravity and a shift is where you move a load through gravity. Shifting exercises are noticeably absent from most strength programmes.'

Jon Lipsey
7 Jan 2011
1. Squat thread the needle

2 sets, 30 seconds

  • Start with the ViPR at chest height then rotate it a quarter turn.
  • Squat down and thread the ViPR through your legs, keeping a natural arch in your spine.
  • Return to standing and rotate the ViPR a half turn, then repeat the squat movement.


Front carry hip sways

2 sets, 30 seconds

  • Hold the ViPR to your chest with a very wide stance and your feet turned out slightly.
  • Shift your weight onto one foot, moving your hips to that side and keeping your leading knee over your toes.
  • Shift your weight to the opposite side for one rep.
Squat with lateral diagonal raise

2 sets, 30 seconds

  • Sink into a squat and reach the ViPR to one side and at an angle.
  • Stand up and move the ViPR diagonally across your body without rotating your torso.
Cylinder lift

2 sets, 30 seconds

  • Start in a half squat with your elbows tucked in to your body and your hands gripping the top of the ViPR.
  • Straighten up and lift the ViPR so your hands move down it.
  • Sink into another half squat to repeat the move, sliding your hands further down the ViPR until you’re holding it by the bottom.
ViPR box pattern

2 sets, 30 seconds

  • Hold the ViPR horizontally at hip height, then extend your arms.
  • Rotate the ViPR to the left until it’s vertical.
  • Rotate it back until it’s horizontal at head height.
  • Rotate it to the right until the ViPR is vertical again.
Transverse plane thread the needle

2 sets, 30 seconds

  • Start with the ViPR overhead.
  • Take a step to one side and backwards slightly.
  • As you step, drive the ViPR down and through your legs.

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