Dolph Lundgren's Guns Workshop


Age-defying action-movie icon Dolph Lundgren shows you how to do the upper-body workout he's launched at L.A. Fitness.

Nick Hutchings
23 Nov 2010

Ivan Drago, the towering tree trunk of a boxer Dolph Lundgren plays in Rocky IV, is one of cinema's most menacing baddies. Sure, Lundgren's been in a bunch of other movies – including 2010 summer blockbuster The Expendables – but none of the characters are near as memorable as Drago – a man who looked and and punched as if he'd been hewn from Soviet steel.
When we were invited to film Lundgren demoing the Guns Workshop – an upper-body workout with a fierce bias towards biceps moves – he recently launched at gym chain L.A. Fitness, we jumped at the chance. It doesn't get much cooler than training with Dolph, who, it turns out, is still impressively shredded at 53.
If you're going to include this workout in your training programme, we suggest you do it in place of your weekly arms session. Do it more regularly and you could overstress your biceps, leading to injury.
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