Abs Workout 2


Three more moves to get you a great six-pack in part 2 of the abs workout.

31 Aug 2007
The Men's Fitness Body Focus workouts target each part of your body in turn. Work your way through the series and you'll develop strength and muscle mass across your body.

The abdominal muscle is a single sheet of muscle with six sections. When the whole muscle grows, the distance between the height of the muscle tissue and the connective tissue between them increases and the segments 'pop out' creating a six-pack becomes greater. You'll only get a true six-pack, though, if you burn off the fat that normally hides those muscles. You'll find fat loss circuits and tips elsewhere on the Men's Fitness website.

How to do this workout
Workouts 1 and 2 are designed as two separate workouts to be done on different days. Leave two to three days between each to give your muscles time to recover properly. You can add these workouts into a longer gym session or focus on the three exercises in each, so long as you make sure you maintain enough intensity to fully exhaust the muscles. Before you start the workouts, warm up with five minutes on a treadmill and some press-ups. Rest for two to three minutes between exercises.

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