Abs Workout 1


A two-part workout that strengthens your abdominal and core muscles to put you on the way to a six-pack

3 Aug 2007

The Men's Fitness Body Focus workouts target each part of your body in turn. Work your way through the series and you'll develop strength and muscle mass across your body.

Everyone knows the six-pack is the gold seal of visible fitness - but for real functional fitness, a six-pack alone is not enough. True fitness lies not skin deep or even muscle deep but way, way down in your body's core. The truth is that you can be supremely fit without having a six-pack.
The muscles in your abdominal area and around the spine stabilise the body's movements and guard against spine and joint injury. For true fitness you need to target the core as much as the abs when training your abdomen. Do these workouts twice a week for visible results within a month.

How to do this workout

Workouts 1 and 2 are designed as two separate workouts to be done on different days. Leave two to three days between each to give your muscles time to recover properly. You can add these workouts into a longer gym session or focus on the three exercises in each, so long as you make sure you maintain enough intensity to fully exhaust the muscles. Before you start the workouts, warm up with five minutes on a treadmill and some press-ups. Rest for two to three minutes between exercises.

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