The Best Abs Moves (and 4 Essential Six-Pack Tips)


A comprehensive workout for getting the kind of washboard abs only seen in Hollywood

15 May 2014

Tacking on a few sit-ups to the end of your workout isn’t going to cut you a washboard stomach, and neither is doing endless sets of crunches. What you really need is added resistance to exhaust your abs fully, so you grow new muscle and give your six-pack definition. Follow the workout listed at the foot of this story (starting with the Wobble Cushion Plank) to get the type of abs you only ever thought were possible in movies. Also, make sure to follow these four simple - but essential bits of advice.

Add a high intensity cardio session to the end of your workouts

A common mis-conception when it comes to building a six-pack is that it takes hours and hours of cardio time to burn off the excess fat found in the mid-section. In actual fact a quick 10 minute hit of HIIT (high intensity interval training) can burn 150-250 calories quite easily and you only have to do it for a short period at the end of a workout, sparing you the mental anguish of a full hours cardio after strength training.

Try some of these quick cardio workouts on for size:

- Row at full intensity for 2 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of half intensity and repeat for 12 minutes.
- Cycle with a high level of resistance for 10 minutes.
- Jog / run at a high pace for 10 minutes
- HIIT: Sprint for 30 seconds, then walk for 30 seconds, repeating for 10 minutes.

Over a period of four weeks this disciplined routine could help you cut 1-2% body fat, a big difference maker for those on the brink of a fully visible six-pack.

Replace one carbohydrate heavy meal with some form of low-density carb each day

As much as all the gym work is important, six-packs are achieved through nutrition more than anything. By replacing just one dense source of carbs such as bread or pasta from one meal everyday you could be cutting as many as 300 calories from your diet. Try replacing them with extra vegetables or lower density carbs like brown pasta and you’ll start shedding fat quicker.

Over a period of four weeks, just following this one tip could help you lose up to 1.5kg.

Train your calves, forearms and abs together

This does sound like a random grouping of muscles to be training together but there is a method to the madness. Naturally most guys at the gym want to go for the big boy lifts, benching, squatting, etc, but the issue with these when you want to also include an abs workout is that they tire you out to the point where you probably wont want to bother. To remedy this, why not try one session a week for your calves, abs and forearms as training all of these body parts together in one session will make sure that you’re attacking them with full intensity. It’s not necessary to dedicate a whole workout to just abs so adding these smaller muscle groups to the workout will ensure that you don’t get too tired and get a good workout for your six-pack.

Drink a litre of water when you wake up in the morning

Water is key, when it comes to putting on muscle or shedding fat, keeping hydrated is integral. You’re never more dehydrated than when you wake up in the morning so if you immediately hydrate yourself you’ll kick start your body’s metabolism much quicker, potentially getting an extra hour or so of optimal metabolic function going each day.

Naturally it’s wise to keep this up throughout the day. A well-hydrated individual will always have noticeably less bodyfat than a chronically dehydrated person.

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