Calves and Forearms Workout 1

They're among the most visible parts of your body, so make sure they look strong and defined with this two-part workout

3. Supine bridge heel raise

When you've done this, rest, then go back to exercise 1. Do three trisets in total.

3 Aug 2007

Trisets: 3 / Reps in each triset: 10

Target: core, calves, ankles

Why it works: By leaving your hips unsupported you introduce instability into the exercise and call on your core and calf muscles to stabilise the movement. This targets the deeper, smaller muscles.

  • Support your shoulders on the bench.
  • Hold your hips up so that your thighs and trunk are level.
  • Press your heels off the floor using your calves.
  • Hold for one to two seconds and lower slowly.
Supine bridge heel raise
Supine bridge heel raise

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