Stay on track at the gym


Don’t be a gym quitter - avoid the reasons people bin the gym and keep on the path to a brand new body

Sam Rider
12 Feb 2013

At the turn of the New Year getting fitter is usually top of most people’s priorities. But one out of every three people who join a gym in January break their resolutions by quitting after just three months. In the April issue, you’ll find tips from trainer Lewis Thorneycroft of Protégé London ( to help you stay strong beyond the end of March. Here are more of his suggestions.
23% …find going to the gym boring
‘If your training feels a bit aimless, book yourself in for a spin class or one of the new and increasingly popular classes such as CrossFit. It will introduce you to challenging workouts. If you find it’s too much for you, you can always scale it back depending on your fitness.’
24% …say gyms cost too much
‘Most gyms offer flexible membership options as well as simple 12-month contracts – find out if there’s a pay-as-you-go deal. Or pay for classes on an ad-hoc basis in combination with non-gym exercises such as sprint intervals, park workouts (do pull-ups on trees or dips on benches) and climbing.’
47% …will quit because of a lack of time
‘If getting away from work in your lunch break is a problem, you can get an ultra-effective cardio workout in your office stairwell. Sprint up the stairs and walk down to get your breath back. Repeat as many time as you can manage.’

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