5 ways to burn off the booze


If you're overdoing the alcoholic beverages, here's how to burn off those excess calories

13 Oct 2009

Heavy drinkers exercise more regularly and vigorously than those who enjoy only the occasional tipple according to new research. The US study, based on 230,000 people, claims that drinkers exercise ten per cent more vigorously than abstainers and train for an average of 7.2 minutes more. If you’re one of these boozers (or if you’re thinking of becoming one), here’s how long you need to train to burn off the calories from some of the most popular alcoholic drinks.

PINT OF LAGER: 256 calories
Do: 20 mins of boxing sparring

PINT OF STOUT: 210 calories
Do: 33 mins of badminton

35ml VODKA/250ml ENERGY DRINK: 185 calories
Do: 13 mins of running at 10km/h

120ml GLASS OF RED WINE: 80 calories
Do: 6 mins of freestyle swimming

35ml SCOTCH: 78 calories
Do: 22 mins of croquet

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