Part 1 of a 12-week plan


Prepare your body and build the lean, muscular physique you've always wanted

20 Feb 2008

Whatever your level of weightlifting, the first part of our three-month plan for a brand new body will prepare you for the full building programme to come.
It's no good just charging into the gym, loading up the bar with as many plates as you can carry and bashing out ten reps. If you're a beginner then you need to prepare your muscles and joints for having lean mass added to them, and 'teach' your muscles how to do the exercises properly.
Even if you're a regular weightlifter you should still phase your training so that you target different areas of your strength.
These workouts will strengthen your joints, allow your muscles to carry more blood and nutrients and start to increase the size of the muscle fibres themselves. Make sure that you rest for one minute between sets and two minutes between exercises. Do each of the following workouts once a week, leaving at least a day's rest between workouts, and after four weeks you will be ready for the next phase in our 12-week programme.

Extra info

This workout will...

  • Strengthen your joints
  • Train your muscles to lift
  • Start building a six-pack
  • Blitz calories
  • Help you lift more after four weeks

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