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Free weights are the ideal bit of home kit. If you're thinking about buying some, read this first

9 Feb 2009
1 York 20kg Cast Iron - £32.99
There are no frills to this dumbbell set but it is still high-quality and does everything you need without breaking the bank. The spin-lock bars make for fast weight changing, and the 12 iron plates give each dumbbell a range from 0.5kg to 8.5kg.
Go to York Fitness' website for more information.
2 Gold’s Gym Adjustable Transformer Dumbbells - £69.99
If you’re concerned that weights won’t fit in with your carefully planned décor, these are for you, with their smart storage tray and classy chrome-plated design. The set comes in two sizes, 2-10kg and 4-20kg, and the all-in-one system allows you to select your weight easily with its click-and-slide mechanism. 
Go to the Gold's Gym website for more information.
3 Extreme Kettlebells from £29.75
As well as the traditional lifting and pressing, you can swing these cannonballs with handles. This adds variety to your workout and places different forces on your muscles. They range from 8kg to 40kg, and are coated in soft rubber so you can snatch or jerk them without worrying about damaging your floors or walls.
Go to Optimal Life Fitness' website for more information.
4 Marcy Chrome dumbbells set weights - £449.99, stand £169
You don’t have to mess about adjusting your weights between sets with this chrome dumbbell rack. It includes ten pairs of high-quality dumbbells in weights ranging from 1kg to 10kg, which means you can concentrate on lifting and taking the right amount of rest.
Go to Escalade Sports' website for more information.
5 PowerBlock Sport 5.0 - £299
These compact dumbbells give you all the benefits of ten separate pairs of weights – ranging from 2.5kg to 22.5kg – but only take up the space of one. If you want to lift heavier, other PowerBlock sets have weights that range up to 59kg. 
Go to PowerBlock's website for more information.

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