MF rounds up the latest trail shoes


Set the pace on rugged terrain with these off-road running shoes.


1. Berghaus Prognosis GTX
With the UK’s inclement weather in mind this shoe is lined with an internal Gore-Tex layer to help you handle nasty downpours. The Vibram outsole will also stand up to slippy conditions, providing excellent traction thanks to deep arrowhead lugs. Yet for all the waterproofing efforts, the shoe can’t guarantee your feet will stay dry when splashing through puddles, which is a bit of a problem when you have to pound through the kind streams you'll find on a lot of trails. 
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2. Mizuno Wave Ascend 6
The aptly-named Wave Ascend is ideal for those who enjoy uphill struggles. The shoe is flexible, aiding strong forefoot grip on ascents as you land and spring off. It’s lightweight enough for fast runs and an impressive grip allows you to handle rocky, debris-strewn technical trails. To reduce weight, the outsole has had the cushioning stripped away around the heel which means that on downhill sections, where planting the heel first is almost unavoidable, heavy impact can lead to soreness.
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3. The North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR III
The heel of this robust trail shoe has cradle support for a secure fit that minimises rubbing. It also features a snake plate for added forefoot protection and a tough, grippy Vibram outsole. Where it lets itself down is on the weight front – it's by far the heaviest shoe here, which will hamper your speed. 
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