MF rounds up the latest hoodies


With winter fast approaching, MF has been searching far and wide for the best hoodies. Here they are.

Nick Hutchings
18 Oct 2011
Supreme Being Barricade Knit| Men's Fitness UK
Supreme Being Barricade Knit

Available in grey or navy, this thick hoodie from Supremebeing has been designed for a relaxing après-board sesh. It has five gauge knitting all over, along with dense, ribbed cuffs and a collar to stop sneaky drafts from getting through. More warmth comes in the form of a 350gsm jersey lining and faux sheepskin in the hood.

Altamont El Barrio| Men's Fitness UK
Altamont El Barrio

While it's too light for deep winter, this 100 per cent cotton flannel poncho/pullover is perfect for chilly autumnal days. The pattern around the neck and hood give it a reservation vibe, while drawstrings at the bottom and buttons on the cuffs mean you can loosen it up to get a good flow of air around your torso on warmer days and tighten it up when the kelvin drops.

Volcom Da Standard | Men's Fitness UK
Volcom Da Standard

Thanks to the fleece lining around the torso and polysatin layer in the arms, this cotton and polyester hoodie is a serious chill beater. We know because we slept in it on the streets of London during the Byte Night charity sleep-out and were the only ones without chattering teeth once the deep cold of the night set in. It comes in two eye-catching colours – electric blue and vicious purple.

Burton Sleeper | Men's Fitness UK
Burton Sleeper

The ultimate travel hoodie, this top has clever features that make long-distance journeys more bearable. An easily inflatable neck pillow and retractable light blocking veil makes catching some zzz's possible almost anywhere. And when you wake, a pocket containing a travel toothbrush will freshen up your breath without having to rummage through hand luggage.