Essential winter wear


If you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe with some wintery goodness, you've landed on the right page.

Nick Hutchings
26 Nov 2010
North Face Evolution Triclimate jacket | Men's Fitness UK
North Face Evolution Triclimate jacket

This three-in-one waterproof jacket will serve you well in all winter conditions. It's got a breathable, waterproof shell, that will keep out driving snow and the most blustery of rain, while stopping you from overheating even when you're doing something as active as mogul skiing. There's also a separate soft fleece interior jacket that keeps your body temperature at a comfortable level in Arctic conditions.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand zip hoodie | Men's Fitness UK
Santa Cruz Screaming Hand zip hoodie

The Screaming Hand is one of the most iconic and well-recognised logos in extreme sports. Here it sits on your back so you can give unsuspecting people a fright when you turn around. It's made from a comfy, warming cotton brushed fleece and has big pouch pockets for your wallet and keys.

Adidas Originals AC logo gloves | Men's Fitness UK
Adidas Originals AC logo gloves

These acrylic, polyester and elastane gloves aren't designed for standing around in deep cold but are perfectly warm enough for a wintery game of footy or if you're blasting around town on a bike. The luminous yellow AC logo and dazzling bluebird colour make for one snazzy combo, too.

Supremebeing flakey bakey beanie | Men's Fitness UK
Supremebeing flakey bakey beanie

The best thing about longer beanies, such as this Supremebeing one, is that you can wear them full-length with top pushed back a la Beckham or Jude Law or you can fold the end up if you want to go for the kind of look Eminem was rocking in 8-Mile. Either way, the double-layered cotton/acrylic mix this bright beanie is made of will keep your bonce warm and the bobble gives it a nice festive feel.