Michael Douglas’s five top hair tips


Get the most from your hair with the expert advice of celebrity stylist Michael Douglas.


Michael Douglas is Style Director for Head & Shoulders and Shockwaves. MF caught up with him at the Wella Hair Studios in London where he gave us his top five hair styling tips.
Use the right tools
‘When styling your hair it’s always best to use a hairdryer,’ says Douglas. ‘Apply a little resin-based product such as gel, blow-dry into the rough style you want, then use a bit of wax or clay to finish. It won’t go rock-hard, but it’ll stay in place for much longer. The gel gives a good base for the wax or clay and makes sure the hair doesn’t fluff up during the day.’
Use product wisely
‘The biggest mistake people make when styling their hair is putting too much product on, especially wax - there’s a lot of greasy heads of hair out there,’ says Douglas. ‘A lot of people also use the wrong product for the type of hair they have. For blokes with short hair, a harder wax or clay is best. If you’ve got longer hair then soft wax, such as Shockwaves Shaping Wax, stops it from becoming dry and frizzy. Basically, the shorter the hair the harder the wax you should use.’
You can combat some hair loss
‘Hair loss is the major problem for men,’ says Douglas. ‘The only thing you can really do is slow it down. If your scalp has good blood circulation, hair will grow thick and healthy. Hair growth suffers if you’re ill or stressed, have a bad diet or do anything that creates a high demand for blood in another part of your body. ‘As soon as you notice hair starting to thin use a caffeine-based shampoo, such as Head & Shoulders Endurance, and massage your scalp when washing to promote blood circulation. If the hair loss is related to stress, diet or health it can be seriously slowed down. Unfortunately, if it’s hereditary baldness you’re screwed.’
Don’t panic over grey hairs
‘If you’re mid-20s/early 30s and you’ve got a few grey hairs, don’t worry about it. It’s if you start going grey at 15 you need to worry,’ Douglas says. ‘If you start at 25 then by the time you’re 40 you’ll probably still only be about 50 per cent grey.
‘Don’t use dye because it needs topping up regularly, and even if you do it’ll look pretty fake – or, in the worst-case scenario, a bit red or dullish green because of the way grey hair reacts to dye. My opinion is you should just let nature take its course. For a lot of people it works well - just look at George Clooney.’
Avoid nasty scalp problems
A bit of white stuff on the shoulders of your jumper isn’t dandruff; it’s just a dry flaky scalp. ‘Dandruff is a yellowy colour and it smells nasty,’ says Douglas. ‘It’s created by overactive oil glands, food allergies, stress and excessive sweat. Skin can’t shed fast enough and then bacteria gets trapped, causing it to smell, Head & Shoulders is known for anti-dandruff shampoos, but they also do one that helps dry scalps.’
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