Clock watching


A watch says more about you than anything else you wear, so if you want to create an aura of style and sophistication buy one of these elegant timepieces

29 Aug 2008

Ebel 1911 Tekton Chronograph 245


This stunning watch has been produced in partnership with Arsenal Football Club and has several features sartorially-minded footie fan will love. It's name, 245, represents the two halves of a game, it has a large 45-minute counter so you can keep track of how much action is left before extra time and an oscillating football weight, which carries the club's logo and the watch's limited-edition number.

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Automatic


This elegant nautical-inspired steel watch features a unidirectional encircling bezel engraved with a ceramic clou de Paris decor ring, delicate Arabic numerals, a durable rubberised steel braclet, luminescent diamond-shaped metal hands and mechanical movement with automatic winding. It's also water resistent to 100 metres.

Oris BC4 Flight Timer


An classy watch that has macho avionic looks, reminiscent of a jet fighter's cockpit. And in keeping with the air-travel theme, it can tell you the time in several timezones at once. It is also water resistent up to 100 metres in case you actually are a jet fighter pilot and you have to eject over the Atlantic during a fierce dog fight.

Breitling Avenger Seawolf


If you buy this stunning diving watch don't forget to tell everyone that admires it that it's water resistent to 3,000 metres. They'll think you're some kind of aquatic James Bond – unless they've seen you wearing inflatable arm bands while practising your doggie paddle down the local lido, that is. The silver lining is that the watch will still look good, even if its wearer looks a prat.